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The name of Dallas Mavericks reflects Texas cowboy past maverick is rebellious person who refuses to obey social norms(规范)


The ablility to keep calm in a dangerous or critical situation is onr of her many strengths(优势)


You must not take her criticisms of your plan personally(个人) Actually what she said does make sense to us all


We need to look fot ways to make things safer ,but we shouldn’t dismiss(辞退) anidea because it isn’t 100% safe


He isn’t going to shift (推卸)his responsibility to anyone

else ,Instead he is going to handle the problem himself

他不打算把责任推卸给别人,相反的他打算如何来解决这个问题 The only real security that a man will have in this world is a

reserve(存储)ofknowledge experience and ability


Some of my friends are experts in this regard .from them you can

seek professional(专业) advice on the issue


The objective(目的) of college education is to provide the young with an opportunity to learn how to educate themselves throughout their lives


Being competent (主管) means being more successful or better than somebody else who is trying to do the same as you

作为主管意味着要比别人同样事情你做要得更成功或更高 At 15,he left his hometown to look for employment(就业) in the city because he had to support the whole family


A firm belief in yourself is all that is needed to alter (改变)your life no one except you alone can change it

在自己坚定的信念是所有需要改变你的生活只有你能改变它 The TOEEL is designed to assess(评定) the English proficiency for those who intend to study abroad


Building a healthy and productive(生产) workplace relationship is the key to improving productivity

建立一个健康的和富有成效的工作关系是提高生产力的关键 Since it is valid(有效的) to ask for sick leave ,he often uses it as an excuse for staying away from school


The villagers are not merely(仅仅) satisfied with enough food to eat they are also eager to learn modern advanced skills for farming村民们不仅仅满足于足够的食物他们也渴望学习现代先进农业技能

After making some conventional(传统的) opening remarks ,she made an inspiring speech on environment protection


This report is written from the viewpoint(观点) of a psychologist and it provides some deep insights into the outlook and expectations of today’s young people in our country


People differ(不同) from one another in their ability to handle stre人们从一个不同的处理压力的能力

If you have any questions ,please feel free(随时) to ask me


You must keep some money in reserve(储备) because you may need if for some unexpected expensen

你必须把一些备用的钱因为你如果需要一些意外支出费用 To his credit(值得赞扬) he won the first place in the 1000 meter race in spite of his illness


In view of (鉴于)the late hour ,we’ll have to put off that discussion until our next meeting


I wish you were here now ,so that I might thank you in person(亲自)


Since what he says sounds logical I’d like to take up(接受) his suggestion and drop my own


He is a man of creative thinking and hates to follow the herd(随波逐流) in everything he does


We must assess(评估) each plan with fairneand on its merits,not according to our personal preference

我们必须评估每个方案的利弊与公平,不是根据我们的个人偏好 Be flexible and you won’t be taken by surprise when something in your life take an unexpected turn


She became the first black woman to be elected(当选) to the

position of chairman of the board


Their experiment stretched(延长) of ten years, at last, their efforts paid off.


Communication is the only remedy(补救) conflict within the family 沟通是解决家庭内的冲突唯一的补救办法

You had better confine(局限于) your summary to the main idea; do not try to talker about the trivial things


A lot of children are near-sight, we cannot emphasize(emphasize) the importance of protecting our eyes too munch.

很多孩子近视了,我们再怎么强调保护眼睛的重要也要重复。 Thank you for your kind help- I think I owe(欠) you’re a favour 谢谢你的帮助,我觉得我欠你一个人情

when he sleeps by the window on hot summer afternoons, he tends to lower (较低的) the curtain to keep out the sun.


Joseph did give me a quick reply this time, but I wonder why he made no response(相应) to my last question


History will reveal(揭露) the truth in the future and they will realize what a wrong thing they did


It is hard to picture him as a government official because he looks so funny, but I bet he makes a good one


.Men should open up their minks and adopt a correct attitude

towards women


Since all of us were tired, Martin proposed that we take a short rest before continuing our work

既然我们都累了,马丁提出再继续我们的工作我们休息一会儿 Seeing a big snake under the table, Sophia could not trembling from head to foot


A smart appearance tends to make a favourable(有利于)impression at an interview.


.The scientist failed in his experiments many a time, but he was

never discouraged(气馁) ;instead, he stuck it out and finally make a

great scientific discovery.


When I asked my mother if I could marry George, she consented(同意) but rather unwillingly.

当我问妈妈我是否能和乔治结婚,她同意了但很不情愿地。 The garden has fallen into a state of neglect(忽视) since its owner died two years ago.


Coming home late, the boy crept(爬) quietly into the home to avoid waking his parents.


If you want to learn a language well , sufficient(足够) time is necessary.


The origin of Chinese writing can be traced(追溯) back to ancient Chine although we are not certain of the date of its invention.


The price was somewhat(有些) higher then I had expected,

However, it was still acceptable.


When you feel tied, a rest and a cool drink will refresh(刷新) you


As I sit here today, I could not be more grateful for the opportunity, not only to be alive, but also to apply my life to such a(n) worthy(值得) effort.


More and more people in big companies are enrolling in English courses to improve their promotion prospects(前景).

在大公司中越来越多的人参加英语课程来提高他们的晋升前景。 At the end of the interview, she remarked(说) “You have proved your worthinemore then well enough


I hope that I shall never again have to undergo(经过) such a terrible experience


Susan started singing to her baby and was rewarded(奖励) with a smile.


since the summer vacation has started ,let's pack up(收拾) and spend aweek in the country with my grandparents


the boy is so interested in the popular novel entitled harry porter and

the deathly hallows that he has read it for many a(许多) time

这男孩对哈利波特与死亡圣器很感兴趣,他已经过了很多次了。 i admin Steve very much for in very much for in his pursuit of a successful life he always stay the course(坚持到底)and never gives up in spite of the many


i mailed out 250 letters to complete strangers for help and within 6 weeks the stream of money came flood in(涌进) from all over the country


when searching for some news online last night i come across(偶遇) interesting website devoted to computer games


he is so clever that the can always come up with(想出) solutions at the last moment


at the sight of the big fish the fisherman plunge his hands into(把..放入)

the water and caught it with graceful ease


Rosa was single out(单) praise by the teacher because her art project was so creative


the Chinese people love peace long for(渴望) peace and are ready to fight for peace


Rebecca told us most of the story but keep back(保持背部) the bit about herself because she didn't want to make her good deed known 丽贝卡的关税,美国必须保持这个故事是关于自己的后位,因为她不想让她知道好的行为

the local people tell me it is all but(几乎) impossible to climb up to the top of the snowy mountain


Marilyn Monroe went to Hollywood in search of(在寻找) fame and fortune


in heaven let us be two birds flying ever together and on earth(在地) two trees with branches interlocked forever

在天愿作比翼鸟 在地愿为连理枝

last but not least i would like to thank all of you and in

particular(特别是) the chairman Dr rogers for his full support over the last three years



Oliver is a respected engineer manager and teacher but first and foremost(首先) he is a kind father and loving husband which is something he takes great pride in


when he took in(在) what was happening and realized something was wrong he decided to get away quickly

当他发生了什么事,意识到一些事情错了,他决定马上离开 As he grew and matured(成熟) he was asked to take on a wide variety of responsibilities


I feel bored with the history cladates and battles and all that stuff(的东西)


a good attitude to life helps to turn failure into succeand

convert(转变) misery into happiness

一个好的生活态度,有助于把失败变为成功的转换成幸福和痛苦 in the heavy traffic a luxurious classic(经典) car attracted my

attention it turned out to be a Rolls Royce wedding car


being painfully aware of his own shortcoming(缺点) Peterson has

made up his mind to get rid of them


Some people believe that failure is the mother of succewhile others think nothing breed(生产) succelike success


pressure is an essential part of all work and helps to keep us

motivated but too much pressure can lead to stress(压力) which can make people ill


whether we can succeed or not depends on how well we can develop and maintain(保持) good relationships with our customers so in the long run it is worth the efforts we have made


that night he felt very lonely and had string impulse(冲动) to make a long distance call to his mother


to release your tension after a day's hard work sit quietly in a rel axed pose(姿势) breathe deeply and smoothly and then close your eyes



if no one claim(声称) the lost suitcase within a week then we will deliver it to the police station


with his deeds and worthinehe managed to create a identity(身份) for himself as a biologist in spite of his personal handicaps


in order to unlock your own creativity you need to tap(挖掘) into the sources of inspiration


everything happens for a reason but not everything is reasonable(合情合理)


during the past 10 years I've managed to graduate with honours(以优异的成绩毕业) from Yale university got my PhD and even published a book despite all the difficulties and obstacles


jane gets excited easily and she often fires her up(发火)about trivial things


I'm beginning to discover the truth about life if you want to live a

worthy life you must take it by the throat (将其进行到底)


you can make an excuse(找借口) for your mistake but the bomight not buy your story


as an 18 year old boy you have your whole life ahead of you it's time to take action(采取行动) if you want to make a change in your life 作为一个18岁的男孩,你人生的路你如果你想改变你的生活,是采取行动的时候了

pathe flower of kindneon and let it wipe another is tears.and in king (保持)that kindnewill flow for kindnegrows in this way the

peopel in that mountain village have proved to be so courageous in the face of(面对) adversity and disaster


I don't think i have a particularly good chance of getting the job but it is certainly worth try for(尝试,争取)

我不认为我有一个特别好的机会获得工作,但肯定是值得尝试的 despite her own sufferings she managed to nures brother through (细心照顾)serious tuberculosis


My neighbours are a friendly bunch(群) of people


Dave amaze(惊奇) his friends by leaving a well paid job to travel around the world


The employees in this company work an eight hour shift(换班)这家公司的员工每天工作八小时

The professor came to the classroom with a bundle(捆) of newspapers under his arm


A passenger asked the driver: “Could you drop(下车) me off near the post office? I’d like to post a letter

一个乘客问司机:“你能让我在邮局附近下车吗?我想寄一封信The little girl’s capacity (能力)for learning languages astonished me


How many countries will be participating(参与) in the Olympic Games?


I like the typically French style(风格) of living. It is so romantic 我喜欢生活的典型的法国风格。因为它的浪漫

They have made their fortunes from industry and commerce(商务) 他们从工商发财。

They threatened to shoot(射击) him and rob him of all his



In many cultures, the lion is the symbol(符号) of courage


Your help was greatly appreciated(欣赏) We are very grateful to you for it


It’s the first time the painting has been displayed(展示) to the public


During the exam, the naughty boy tried to slip(滑稽) a note to his classmate while the teacher wasn’t looking.


As the saying goes, conquer(征服) the desires, or they will

conquer you


Before the dinner party, Mother has ordered a roast(烤肉) from the butcher


I didn’t wait for you at home because I figured(估计) that you wouldn’t come


In this painting, a single red rose stands in rich contrast to(形成对比) the grassland

在这幅画中,一朵红玫瑰矗立在绿色的草地说上形成鲜明的对比 The factory workers are exposed to(暴露) poisonous gases and many of them suffer from lung diseases

厂里的工人暴露在有毒气体下工作和因此许多人患肺部疾病 During the war, the soldier risked his life(冒着生命危险) helping others to escape


Do trust me. You can rely on(依靠) me to keep your secret


If you are attacked or robbed at knifepoint(在刀尖) , how would you react then?


She is such an extraordinary girl that she always stands out(站出来) in a crowd


Obviously, this foolish idea run contrary to(背道而驰) common sense


I was very tired and had to flag down(停下) a taxi in order to get home early


The mother picks/picked up(拿起) her children from the

kindergarten at 5:00 p.m. every day


The publishers took a gamble(下赌注) on an unknown author, and the books have sold well


The driver waved to us as he pull away(远移动)


The driver pull over(停下)to the side of the road to see what was wrong with his truck


Don’t just make a negative complaint about our service; give us some positive(积极的) advice


The noise of the car startled(大吃一惊) the birds and the whole flock flew up into the air


Viewed from an international perspective(透过) , it appears

absolutely essential to emphasize the importance of potential

customers’ needs in the developing countries


In this terrible job you have to harden(变硬) your heart to pain and suffering


We can have many choices in life and the choices that we make will shape(塑造) our life


Efforts should be made to address(和..说话) the communication problem existing between teenagers and their parents


That couple has endured so many emotional and financial crises(危机) . It is amazing that their marriage has lasted for so many years 那对夫妻已经经历了太多的情感和金融危机。令人吃惊的是,他们的婚姻持续了这么多年

Just before the speech contest (演讲比赛), he fell ill and was not able to participate in it; he could only curse(不幸诅咒) his luck


It is incredible(不可思议) that her four-year-old boy can write some 600 Chinese characters


You can add the liquid to the powder, or conversely(相反的), the powder to the liquid


The next big issue(问题) confronting the workers is the question of social security


I wrote to them a month ago but haven’t gotten a response(响应) yet


I shall have to refuse your invitation because of a prior(之前)



There used to be various kinds of birds here, but now they are

rare(罕见) due to lack of food resources

以前这里有各种鸟类,但现在他们是罕见的由于缺乏食物资源 Is it true that visualizing a task by positive thinking helps to

accomplish(完成) the task better


You may feel awkward when you start learning how to drive, but it’s easy once you get the hang of(上手) it


As one of those who have lived through(经历) two world wars, Uncle Sam understands the value of life far better than his



When you are learning driving a car, it makes a difference(有区别) whether you have a good teacher or not

当你在学习驾驶汽车,你是否有一个好的老师这是有很大的区别 He is so stubborn. We have no idea(不知道) how to persuade him to accept our proposal

他是如此的固执。我们不知道如何说服他接受我们的建议 Be more concerned with(关注) your character than your

reputation(名声), because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is just what others think you are


To our surprise, Mr. Thompson slipped over(溜过) an important point in his analysis — the cause and effect of the problem


To my pleasant surprise, I ran into(跑进) my best friend Helen in Paris last week


I hit the tree behind me when I put the car in reverse(在背面)

without looking back first


I’ll leave you alone here so you can mull over(仔细考虑) the problem and make a decision on your own


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UNIT1Mr. Doherty Builds His Dream Life多尔蒂先生创建自己的理想生活1. And after years of frustration with city and suburban living, my wife Sandy and I have

finally found contentment here in the country.



2. In the summer we canoe on the river, go picnicking in the woods and take long bicycle

rides. In the winter we ski and skate.


3. Three months from now, it will be 95 above and we will be cultivating corn, weeding

strawberries and killing chickens.


4. Later this month, we'll spray the orchard, paint the barn, plant the garden and clean the

hen house before the new chicks arrive.



5. In between such chores, I manage to spend 50 to 60 hours a week at the typewriter or

doing reporting for the freelance articles I sell to magazines and newspapers.



6. There is, as the old saying goes, no rest for the wicked on a place like this -- and not

much for the virtuous either.


7. While one storm after another blasted huge drifts up against the house and barn, we

kept warm inside burning our own wood, eating our own apples and loving every minute of it.



8. Our freezer filled up with cherries, raspberries, strawberries, asparagus, peas, beans

and corn. Then our canned-goods shelves and cupboards began to grow with preserves, tomato juice, grape juice, plums, jams and jellies.



9. The answer, decidedly, was no, and so -- with my employer's blessings and half a

year's pay in accumulated benefits in my pocket -- off I went.

答案无疑是否定的。于是,带着老板的祝福,口袋里揣着作为累积津贴的半年薪水,我走了。 1

10. We've been able to make up the difference in income by cutting back without

appreciably lowering our standard of living.


11. The way to make self-sufficiency work on a small scale is to resist the temptation to

buy a tractor and other expensive laborsaving devices


12. Once economic conditions improve, however, demand for farms like ours should be

strong again.


UNIT2The Freedom Givers给人以自由者

1. Alongside me was a slender woman in a black dress, my guide back to a time when the

surrounding settlement in Dresden, Ontario, was home to a hero in American history.我身边是一位苗条的黑衣女子,把我带回到过去的向导。那时,安大略省得雷斯顿这一带住着


2. "He was confident that the Creator intended all men to be created equal. And he never

gave up struggling for that freedom."


3. I had traveled here to Henson's last home -- now a historic site that Carter formerly

directed -- to learn more about a man who was, in many ways, an African-American Moses.



4. Josiah Henson is but one name on a long list of courageous men and women who

together forged the Underground Railroad, a secret web of escape routes and safe houses that they used to liberate slaves from the American South.



5. By night he was a "conductor" on the Underground Railroad, helping people slip by

the slave hunters.


6. As the boat slid acrothe river, Parker watched helplessly as the pursuers closed in

around the men he was forced to leave behind.


7. At times he sheltered as many as 17 fugitives at once, and he kept a team and wagon

ready to convey them on the next leg of their journey.


8. On one occasion, Levi Coffin was transporting so many runaway slaves that he

disguised them as a funeral procession.



9. In the North, a magistrate might have imposed a fine or a brief jail sentence for aiding

those escaping.


10. With no road signs and few maps, they had to put their trust in directions passed by

word of mouth and in secret signs -- nails driven into trees, for example -- that conductors used to mark the route north.



11. Making the best of his lot, Henson worked diligently and rose far in his owner's regard.亨森非常认命,干活勤勉,深受主人器重。

12. He gave Henson a dollar and arranged for a boat, which carried the slave and his

family acrothe river to Canada.


13. Despite this, he argues, there is still much left to be done before they enjoy full



UNIT3The Land of the Lock锁之国

1. Statistics show the crime rate rising more dramatically in those allegedly tranquil areas

than in cities.


2. It has been replaced by dead-bolt locks, security chains, electronic alarm systems and

trip wires hooked up to a police station or private guard firm.


3. It is not uncommon, in the most pleasant of homes, to see pasted on the windows small

notices announcing that the premises are under surveillance by this security force or that guard company.



4. Who is going to make the psychic payment for the transformation of America from the

Land of the Free to the Land of the Lock?


5. Why are we having to barricade ourselves against our neighbors and fellow citizens,

and when, exactly, did this start to take over our lives?



6. Airports are no longer a place of education and fun; they are the most sophisticated of

security sites.



7. Our neighborhoods are bathed in high-intensity light; we do not want to afford

ourselves even so much a luxury as a shadow.


8. We are fearful, and so we devise ways to lock the fear out, and that, we decide, is what

security means.


9. What sadder reflection on all that we have become in this new and puzzling time? 还有什么更为可悲地表明我们在这个令人困惑的新时代所感受到的惶恐之情呢?

10. We have become so smart about self-protection that, in the end, we have all outsmarted



11. In dealing with the unseen horrors among us, we became prisoners of ourselves. All of

us prisoners, in this time of our troubles.



UNIT4Was Einstein a Space Alien?爱因斯坦是外星人吗?

1. She was getting older and frail, and she didn't approve of his marriage to

Mileva.Relations were strained.


2. He argued that light came in little bits (later called "photons") and thus laid the

foundation for quantum mechanics.


3. He described his theory of special relativity: space and time were threads in a common

fabric, he proposed, which could be bent, stretched and twisted.



4. With nothing better to do, he developed his Theory of Universal Gravitation.


5. His ideas, we're told, were improbably far ahead of other scientists.


6. All of his 1905 papers unraveled problems being worked on, with mixed success, by

other scientists.


7. He didn't resist being told what to do, not so much, but he hated being told what was



8. Einstein was clearly intelligent, but not outlandishly more so than his peers.


9. Later in life, it should be remembered, he struggled mightily to produce a unified field

theory, combining gravity with other forces of nature. He failed.



10. Although Einstein's five papers were published in a single year, he had been thinking

about physics, deeply, since childhood.



11. But Einstein's brain looked much like any other, gray, crinkly, and, if anything, a trifle

smaller than average.



UNIT5Writing Three Thank-You Letters写三封感谢信

1. Well, as any cook knows, it's a lot of hard work to cook and serve a big meal, and

clean up and put everything away.


2. I decided first to go out on the Murzim's afterdeck for a breath of open air. I made my

way out there, breathing in great, deep draughts while walking slowly about, still wearing my white cook's hat.



3. It must have taken me a half hour to sense that maybe some key to an answer could

result from reversing the word "Thanksgiving" -- at least that suggested a verbal direction, "Giving thanks."


——那样一来至少文字好懂了:Giving thanks。

4. After a while, like a dawn's brightening, a further answer did come -- that there were

people to thank, people who had done so much for me that I could never possibly repay them.



5. The embarrassing truth was I'd always just accepted what they'd done, taken all of it

for granted.


6. The more I thought about it, the more ashamed I became.


7. And briefly I recalled for each of them specific acts performed on my behalf.


8. For instance, something uppermost about my father was how he had impressed upon

me from boyhood to love books and reading.



9. My love of books never diminished and later led me toward writing books myself. 我对书籍的热爱从未减弱,日后还引导我自己撰文著书。

10. So many times I have felt a sadnewhen exposed to modern children so immersed in

the electronic media that they have little or no awareneof the marvelous world to be discovered in books.



11. I reminded the Reverend Nelson how each morning he would open our little country

town's grammar school with a prayer over his assembled students.


12. I thanked her for the years of eating her good cooking, the equal of which I had not

found since.


13. We unloaded cargo, reloaded with something else, then again we put to sea in the

routine familiar to us, and as the days became weeks, my little personal experience receded.

我们卸了货,又装了其它物品,随后我们按熟悉的常规,再次出海。 一天又一天,一星期又


14. I wept over the page representing my Grandma's recent hours invested in expressing

her loving gratefulneto me -- whom she used to diaper!



15."In the end we are mightily and merely people, each with similar needs."


16. First, I wish for us, of course, the simple common sense to achieve world peace, that

being paramount for the very survival of our kind.




1. 我们的计算机系统出了毛病,但我觉得问题较校

We have a problem with the computer system, but I think it’s fairly minor.

2. 父亲去世时我还小,不能独立生活。就在那时,家乡的父老接过了养育我的责任。

My father died when I was too young to live on my own. The people of my hometown

took over (responsibility for) my upbringing at that point.

3. 这些玩具必得在达到严格的安全要求后才可出售给儿童。

The toys have to meet strict/ tough safety requirements before they can be sold to


4. 作为新闻和舆论的载体,广播和电视补充了而不是替代了报纸。

Radio and television have supplemented rather than replaced the newspaper as carriers

of news and opinion.

5. 至于这本杂志,它刊载世界各地许多报纸杂志上文章的摘要

When it comes to this magazine, it is/ carries a digest of articles from many

newspapers and magazines around the world.

6. 虽然受到全球金融危机后果的巨大影响,但是我们仍然相信我们能够面对挑战,克服危机。 Though greatly affected by the consequences of the global financial crisis, we are still

confident that we can face up to the challenge and overcome the crisis.

7. 在持续不断的沙尘暴的威胁下,我们被迫离开我们喜爱的村庄,搬迁到新的地方。

Under threat of constant sand storms, we were compelled to leave our cherished

village and move to the new settlement.

8. 根据最近的网上调查,许多消费者说他们也许会有兴趣考虑购买电视广告中播放的产品。

According to a recent online survey, a lot of consumers say they may be motivated to

consider buying products shown in TV commercials.

9. 看到卡车司机把受污染的废弃物倒在河边,老人马上向警方报告。

Having spotted a truck driver dumping contaminated waste alongside the river, the old

man reported to the police at once.

10. 一些科学家坚信人们总有一天会喜欢转基因农作物的,因为它们能够提高产量,帮助发展中国


Some scientists hold to the firm conviction that people will come to like genetically

modified crops someday since they can increase yields and help combat hunger and disease in the developing world.

11. 无论是在城市还是在农村,因特网正在改变人们的生活式。

The Internet is changing the way people live, whether they are in urban or rural areas.

12. 和大公司相比,中小公司更容易受到全球经济危机的威胁。

Medium-sized and small companies are more vulnerable to the threat of the global

economic crisis than large ones.

13. 关于期末论文,教授要求我们先分析失业图表,然后对国家的经济发展提供批评性的见解。 With regard to our term paper, the professor asked us to analyze the unemployment

chart first, and then provide critical reflections on the nations economic development.

14. 他从来也没想到他们队会以大比分赢的那场篮球赛。

It never occurred to him that their team would win the basketball match by a large


15. 回顾二十年的中学教学,我把我的成功归结为耐心、才能和对知识的不断追求。

Looking back on my twenty years' teaching in high school, I attribute my succeto

patience, talent, and the constant pursuit of knowledge.

16. 红十字会派遣的志愿人员非常小心地对村里的饮用水进行消毒,以避免爆发瘟疫。

The volunteers sent/assigned by the Red Crodisinfected, with great caution, the

drinking water in the village so as toavoid an outbreak of plague.

17. 爱因斯坦用了多年时间试图把电磁理论和引力理论结合起来,但没有成功。

Einstein spent many years trying to unify the theories of electromagnetism and gravity

but failed.

18. 因其在激发学生创造性想象力方面的出色表现,王教授获得了校长奖。

Professor Wang received/won the Presidential Award for his excellence in stimulating

students' creative imagination.

19. 因存在一些设计上的重大缺陷,董事会没有同意那个经济刺激计划。

As there were some major design flaws, the board of directors didn't approve of the

economic stimulus package.

20. 乔丹意识到没有人能给他帮助,终于得出结论他必须面对现实,独自接受挑战

Having realized that nobody could help him,Jordan finally came to the conclusion that

he had to face reality and take up the challenge by himself.

21. 奶奶想当然地认为粮价要涨,所以买了许多大米。

Grandma took it for granted that food prices would soar, so she bought a lot of rice.

22. 我可以给你引用几个例子来说明她献身科学的精神。

I can quote you several instances of her dedication to science.

23. 20世纪80年代中国一些经济特区开始迅速发展起来。

The 1980s saw the start of the swift development of some special economic zones in


24. 两国关系的紧张部分是由最近的间谍事件引起的。

Tension between the two countries stemmed in part from the latest spy affair.

25. 彼得已在一家律师事务所当了多年律师,你可以考虑请他做你的律师,当你需要法律援助时,


Peter has worked in a law firm for many years. You can consider having him as your

lawyer to act on your behalf when you need legal help.

新标准大学英语综合教程2课文句子翻译2016-12-11 15:15:10 | #3楼回目录



1. 在欧洲的大学校园里,大学生以新的姿态和激情投入到争取自由和正义的事业中去,大规模的社会主义或共产主义运动引发了他们与当权者之间日益升级的暴力冲突。

2. 现在,政治、社会和创造意识的觉醒似乎不是凭借大学的助力,而是冲破其阻力才发生的。当然,一点不假,高等教育仍然重要。例如,在英国,布莱尔首相几乎实现了到2016 年让50%的30 岁以下的人上大学的目标(即使愤世嫉俗的人会说,这是要把他们排除在失业统计数据之外)。

3. 我从没指望通过上文学理论课来了解我这一代人的特征,或了解美国大学在如何变化。这门课是让你在课堂上扮酷的——带着一丝熬夜太多的困劲儿,穿着一件T 恤衫,上面印着“去过那儿,干过那事儿,对,这就是那件T 恤衫”,或诸如此类带有揶揄意味的俏皮话。

4. 我们这一代人来自所谓的短世纪(1914-1989),生于其后期。这个世纪充满了战争和革命,它改变了人类文明,推翻了强权政府,给我们留下了非同寻常的机会和特权。我们所得到的机会与特权比从前任何一代人都要多。 5

1. Instead of resolving contradictions, the series of measures taken by the government gave rise to more violent clashes. The Opposition formed an alliance with the trade unions and launched a general strike, which ultimately brought about the downfall of the government.

2. Nowadays, the gap between the university and the real world is shrinking and students are becoming more and more practical. Gone are the days when the university was an ivory tower in which scholars pursued knowledge as an end rather than a means to an end.

3. I never hoped to learn the subject well by attending those lectures. But I did go to lectures, for it was the place where I could get the important points of the course and learn how to organize materials and how to reason.

4. Although I have been trying every means to solve the problem, I cannot work out a satisfactory solution. But when I went to the kitchen to get a drink, something clicked and made me realize that the solution might be quite simple.



1. 这种所谓的运动神经模仿就是“同感”的原始技术含义,而“同感”这个词于20世纪20年代由美国心理学家E.B.铁钦纳首次使用。铁钦纳的理论是:同感发自对他人痛苦的一种身体模仿,这种模仿继而在自身引起同样的心理感受。

2. 他当时在寻找一个与同情有所区别的词;同情是针对他人的一般困境而发的,无须分担他人的任何感受。小孩两岁半左右就渐渐不再有运动神经模仿行为,那时他们会意识到别人的痛苦与自己的不同,会更有能力安慰别人。

3. 我也喜欢生人脸上那瞬间的震惊表情、匆忙的微笑和他们竭力装出的“正常脸色”。如果他们这套仪式做得够好,我就会微微转过头,把头发掖到离他们较近的那只耳朵后面。

4. 我告诉他说:“我基本上只读唇语,因为这比用手语更容易,但这不是我一直盯着你的嘴唇的唯一原因。”他大笑起来。我们又说了一会儿话。后来,主人放大音乐的音量,调暗“舞池”的灯光;我不得不凑近他,近得多得多,以便能在昏暗中接着读他的唇语。我的确读到了他的唇语。


1. The moment I saw those old photos in the drawer, tears welled up in my eyes, for my memory went back to the days when I lived happily with my grandparents, my parents and my brothers and sisters.

2. When a student slipped on a pool of water and fell over, people’s reaction diverged from one another. Some approached caringly to see if he was hurt and if they could help; some just stood there confusing over what to do about it; while others just tuned out.

3. Last Saturday morning, I did the usual and went shopping in the supermarket. When I was about to open the door of my car, I found that I did not have my wallet on me. I could do nothing but go back home in search of it, but I failed to find it anywhere.

4. When I was a second grader, one of my classmates got a red radio-controlled toy car as a birthday gift. The rest of us could only admire, but could not imitate, because the car was expensive and was bought in Hong Kong, a place which seemed to us as far away as New York at that time.


1. 这是2002年的电影《有种来抓我》的剧情简介。影片讲述了小弗兰克?阿巴格纳尔(莱昂纳多?迪卡普里奥饰演)的故事。影片主人公是一位聪明绝顶的年轻骗术大师,曾在不同时间扮演医生、律师和飞行员的角色,在26个国家伪造了价值600万美元以上的支票。他成了联邦调查局有史以来伪造罪头号通缉令名单上最年轻的通缉犯。

2. 2003年以来,身份盗窃案变得越来越常见。很少有人会想象到,为了预防这种改变人生的犯罪,采取一些预防措施有多么重要,比如把邮件拿到邮局去寄而不是丢在信箱里等人来娶把文件切碎而不是直接把它们连同垃圾一道扔出去,甚至使用几美元一支的(特效)笔等等。

3. 假如说我们从恐怖分子那里——更不用说从动作电影那里——学到了一招,那就是,工具也是武器。全球通用的信用卡和支持它们的数据库是去除商业摩擦的工具。换句话说,它们是以让各方最省事的方式从人们那里取钱的工具。

4. 无论通用身份的前景如何,我们尚不知道该如何应付这样一个世界:无论我身在何处,一切都可能与我有关联。一方面,这个世界给我们提供了无可置疑的种种方便;另一方面,我们又面对着所有这些强化组合的信息(如果是合理的强化组合该多好啊)所带来的种种危险。这种危险虽然模糊,但显然离我们很近。我们尚不知如何在两者之间保持平衡。


5. These are important documents, the content of which should be kept strictly confidential. If you need to dispose of them, you must shred them or tear them up instead of throwing them out with the trash.

6. Nowadays, white-collar crimes such as forging checks, ID cards and credit cards have become very common. Though we have learnt much about how to prevent ourselves from being cheated, it seems that we could be its victims at any time.

7. It has been several months since the earthquake. Life has returned to normal, and people are busy going about their business. But there is no escaping the fact that the mental trauma the earthquake brought to people will never be wiped out.

8. Why does it matter that a library has many new books and electronic resources readily available to the readers? This is because if so, the scholars know the latest development in their own fields and know whether their research is valuable.


1. 一个事件光有客观重要性显然还不够——世界上有大量全球性的大问题,都会造成戏剧性的后果,从贫穷问题到全球变暖问题——但由于它们都是进行中的,并不都会在同一天成为头条。对比之下,9/11不仅具有国际性,而且奇特怪异、出人意料,还(可能使读者对身陷那场悲剧中的人们的痛苦感同身受,从这个意义上讲)极具人性。

2. 但是,电视新闻未必比报纸报道更客观或更可靠,因为你在屏幕上看到的图像是经过记者或编辑根据特殊的目的,或至少是按照指示筛选过的;它们是从一个独特的视点展现给观众的。如果把摄像机移到别的地方,你就会看到另一番景象。

3. 互联网为任何有意见的人提供了一个便利的窗口;报纸编辑最喜欢的莫过于给它们提供各种不同的反馈和意见,他们能从中得到安慰。如今十几岁的少年已不记得曾经没有互联网的日子了;只有在写关于印刷新闻这一特定媒体的作业时他们才去读报。

4. 如此看来,报纸是不会轻易消失的。未来报纸发展的趋势包括对本地新闻需求的日益增长,而始于20世纪80年代后期的对生活方式新闻的持续开发利用——尤其在个人理财和旅游方面——将会创造新的收入来源。


1. So sudden, so striking was the news that I sat motionleon sofa for a few minutes. My first instinct was to call our leaders to tell them what had happened and see what we could do for those colleagues who died or got injured in this traffic accident.

2. Paper books for children have an enormous advantage over e-books. For children, a beautifully printed paper book is not only a book but also a toy they can play with. Reading a paper book is rather different from reading a book on the screen.

3. In recent years, traditional media are in the tendency of decline and new media are developing rapidly. However, this does not necessarily mean that traditional media have lost the market. When it comes to reading things like news, people are still used to such traditional media as newspaper.

4. With the explosion of the financial crisis, many enterprises find themselves in difficulties. For those who have no circulating fund to invest in new production and would not let the vicious circle continue, the only thing they can do is turn to government for help.


9. 当夜幕降临悉尼时,雨夜开始悄悄地从夜空飘落。几百盏灯把澳大利亚体育场照得灯火通明,场内的声音震耳欲聋。走向跑道时我看了一眼四周看台上无数的脸,但我的注意力还是很集中。再过几分钟奥运金牌的归属就要见分晓了,它悬挂在远处,很诱人。

10. 我知道自己会全力以赴,拼尽全力跑完全程。我感觉自己已经进入最佳状态。我只要跑两圈就行了,就两圈。跑完这两圈,过去两天以及28年来所有情感和身体上的辛苦付出就将被胜利或者失败所淹没。这一跑真是生死攸关。

11. 我知道,如果一个人不是从小就接触某项外来的运动,他就很难对它感兴趣。现在我正遭遇同样的文化壁垒。6月9号世界杯足球赛就要开始了,而我对球员在“球潮上干些什么却一无所知。看起来这是给这个所谓的精彩赛事揭短的一次大好机会。

12. 时不时地会有球员脸上挨了一肘,躺在草地上痛苦地翻腾。这时会暂停计时,几个提着黑包的小个子男人会跑过来按摩他那假装、胡说的受伤部位,然后他又活蹦乱跳地站起来。那位肘击他的球员会得到一张叫“黄牌”的东西:一种温和的惩戒。


9. He cried his heart out when he heard that he was not in the list of the school team. After all, he had gone through months of hard training and grueling competition, and had learned how to shoot with great skill and accuracy.

10. The coach, who was known for his strictness, had meant from the very start for all the players to shut out all the distracting thoughts and push themselves beyond their limits to ensure that they win a medal at the 29th Olympic Games held in Beijing.

11. Since after he took over the team, the new coach has always borne in mind his mission and finally made it to the championship of the league matches. When interviewed, the coach was at a lofor words because of excitement.

12. Football is an amazing sport. Despite the fact that most finals are 0-0, 1-0 or 2-1, people keep flocking to see football fames. For me, it remains a mystery what is so attracting about football.


1. 我以前也经常这样为他扔木头。根据木头的不同重量和我动作的大小,我知道它们大概能飞多远。但这块木头赶上了一阵疾风,朝着床单想去的方向飞过了院子,越过了围栏,最后以溜冰高手般的优美动作滑进湖水里。

2. 接下来的一瞬间我已经站在水里,霍根用前爪破冰朝我游过来。一路上冰块的侵扰似乎让他受了些惊吓,但他绝对能控制得住自己。我尽量向前趟,直到我的双脚陷进湖底的烂泥,冰冷的湖水浸透了我的夹克。我站在那儿等着。

3. 它会认人、选择食物、识别道路。但这是否意味着它有思维能力呢?如果有的话,又如何证实呢?我们对动物的认知是经过过滤的,是建立在人类对世界的理解的基础上的,我们常常把人类的情感和思想投射到其他动物身上。

4. 许多20世纪的科学家轻视这些发现,认为它们不可靠,这是受了拟人说的影响,即根据人的特征来判断动物。但是,现在舆论的天平已经不再向那些认为动物像机器一样没有智慧的观点倾斜了,而是向达尔文的观点倾斜。大范围的动物研究表明:智慧之根在动物界的分布既深又广,变化多端。


1. The burglars were throwing the stolen items to the pickup and were just about to drive away when the guards watching over the living quarters found them and called the police.

2. The three soldiers had walked with difficulty through the woods for a whole day, trying to navigate to the east bank of the river, only to find that they had been circling in the woods and were still dozens of miles short of their destination.

3. It seems to me that the scholar who talked about animal intelligence this morning has obviously overestimated the animal intelligence. She went so far as to suggest that chimpanzees can communicate with humans through computers.

4. As volunteers, what we need to do is not just limited to smiling to those who come to us for information and help. We must also learn skills for cross-cultural communication, without which our performance cannot be satisfactory.