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主管人员It is the creativity and dedication of the workers and executives that turned the company into a profitable business.

食品医药The prices of food and medicine have soared in the past three months. 粉刷We plan to repaint the upper floors of he office building.

艺术价值4) His succeshows that popularity and artistic merit sometimes coincide.

祖母I don’t want to see my beloved grandmother lying in a hospital bed and groaning painfully.

玩电脑He is a man of few words, but when it comes to playing a computer games, he is far too clever for his classmates.

无知孩子Children who don’t know any better may think these animals are pretty cute and start playing with them.

贷款There is no way to obtain a loan, so to buy the new equipment, I will just have to grit my teeth and sell my hybrid car.

猎人The hunter would not have fired the shots if he hadn’t seen a herd of elephants coming towards his campsite.

讽刺I find it ironic that Tom has a selective memory --- he does not seem to remember painful experiences in the past, particularly those of his own doing. 小企业Many small businesses have sprung up in the city since the new policy went into effect.

消息On hearing the news, she smiled briefly, and then returned to her habitual frown.

停顿He paused for effect, then said:“We can reach/enter these markets through new channels.”

音乐厅The addition of a concert hall to the school will help it nourish young musical talents.

主权We have no way to protect our personal liberties until we have established a sovereign state,/We can’t protect our personal liberties unlewe, first of all, establish a sovereign state.

小镇 This is a prosperous town, but there is still poverty in the midst of wealth and abundance.

布朗The Brown family was stricken with one misfortune after another, but their children never complained.

博物馆The museum is designed in such a way that it stands in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

火辣辣It was a miracle that these flowers did not wither at all in the blazing sun. 一群群Flocks of sheep feed on the patches of vegetation that rise above the winter snow.

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Unit 1

Passage A

1. Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to vote.

2. A form to apply for these scholarships is sent by the university to each student before the start of each semester.

3. On the advice of my doctor, I decided to give up smoking.

4. The park is located right in the center of town.

5. The university provides all the materials and facilities we desire.

Passage B

1. He knew in his heart that they would never meet again.

2. He finally felt that he was on the road to succeafter they agreed to publish his first book.

3. He stopped to take a sip of water and then resumed speaking.

4. The big project engages us so much that we can’t manage to take a holiday this year.

5. Just as water is the most important of liquids, oxygen is the most important of gases.

Unit 2

Passage A

1. The policemen are busy filling out forms about the accident.

2. I want to fill up the fuel tank before returning the car.

3. If you want to make a complaint, you’d better follow the correct procedure.

4. We couldn’t have finished the experiment so soon without John’s help.

5. After the storm, the people on the shore anxiously scanned the lake for any sign of the boat.

Passage B

1. I’m not supposed to let anyone in without an ID card, but I’ll make an exception in your case.

2. He has learned his lesson from the failure and won’t repeat the mistake.

3. I have great faith in your ability ------ I’m sure you’ll succeed.

4. Even though it was raining, we still went on with our match.

5. I woke up to find myself lying on a hospital bed.

Unit 3

Passage A

1. We need to cut down on our fuel consumption by having fewer cars on the road.

2. The rise in power costs has added to our burden.

3. You should judge by yourself, and not always follow your brother’s lead.

4. That hairstyle is in fashion this year, but I am afraid it will be out of fashion next year.

5. We are fated to suffer from many failures in our quest for truth.

Passage B

1. I find it increasingly difficult to live within my income.

2. Modern politicians try to reach out to ordinary people in their TV speeches.

3. Pupils should be helped to adopt a positive attitude to life.

4. Everyone in the clais expected to participate in these discussions.

5. If you commit a crime you must expect to be punished.

Unit 4

Passage A

1. She waited at the bus stop until the last bus came in.

2. If there is any way we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

3. How many crew does he need to sail his yacht?

4. I enjoyed her new book though it’s not quite as good as her last one.

5. Never before have I met such a kind person.

Passage B

1. The bus slowed down and stopped to allow the passenger to get on board.

2. Many vehicles rolled by, but no one offered us a ride.

3. Please get off the grass.

4. He made his way to the marketplace right after work, as his wife had asked him to do.

5. Luckily, Steve didn’t break any bones when he fell off his bike.

Unit 5

Passage A

1. We have to put aside our emotions and take it from a professional standpoint.

2. The play was so wonderful that I soon lost myself in the excitement of it.

3. She hasn’t got any hobbies ------ unleyou call watching TV a hobby.

4. He said that he had got the information first-hand from the Mayor himself.

5. Since you can’t answer the question, perhaps we’d better ask someone else.

Passage B

1. All the passengers pitched forward because the bus driver braked sharply.

2. This agreement will break through the obstacles to free trade.

3. The taxi arrived soon after I rang for it.

4. My parents always waited up for me no matter what time I got home.

5. Talks between the two countries completely broke down, because neither of them wanted to give in.

Unit 6

Passage A

1. It’s a difficult job, but I’d like to have a shot.

2. This is a book about businepractice as opposed to theory.

3. Social activities never get in the way of her studies.

4. It was not until 1911 that the first of the vitamins was identified.

5. Natural disasters have obviously contributed to the country’s economic crisis.

Passage B

1. Our marriage is happy but we’ve had many ups and downs.

2. Many teachers of foreign languages are inclined to talk too much themselves in class.

3. The famous actor keeps fit by working out for an hour every morning.

4. After a long heart-to-heart talk with him, he r suspicion melted away.

5. We have no vacancies now, but we’ll certainly keep your application in mind.

Unit 7

Passage A

1. He did not regret what he had said but felt that he could have expressed it differently.

2. We’d better wait till 14 December. David will have had his exam by then, so he’ll be able to go on holiday with us.

3. He’s working on a new project which has to be finished by the end of the year.

4. They are letting us use their lab, and in return, we are sharing with them the results of our research.

5. The typing of the term paper took up the whole day.

Passage B

1. They sold their house and went off to live in Canada with their daughter.

2. --- What will you be doing this time next week?

--- I’ll be working as usual.

3. He was intelligent and hard-working and before long he took over the editing of the magazine.

4. Don’t you hate it when someone hangs up on you before you finish speaking?

5. To their horror, the roof of their house caught fire.

Unit 8

Passage A

1. In pursuit of a healthier diet, people are eating more fish than they used to.

2. We need to have the roof repaired before the bad weather sets in.

3. The disease is spreading, and all young children are at risk.

4. The information is transmitted from one computer to another through a telephone line.

5. Jack is a fairly good runner. He wins more often than not.

Passage B

1. If you delete 50 words, we can put the whole story on one page.

2. On display were boxing gloves which bore the famous boxer’s signature.

3.We can’t figure out why he did such a dumb thing.

4. The Johnsons were very kind to me. They make me feel like one of the family.

5. They say they want to talk to you in connection with the details of the contract.


Unit1 A 第14页

1. Since he had got a mobile telephone, he has no longer been writing to his friends.

2. Even though he is very busy, he spends at least two hours every day in surfing the Internet to

learn about the newest in this area.

3. Professor Li made a short speech at the commencement. His words were deeply impressed

upon my memory.

4. When talking about the final examination, the students were not nervous at all. On their faces

was confidence.

5. To write an essay of 100 words or so in half an hour would be just a snap to most students in

their class.

Unit1 B第21页

1. I find myself having great interest in oral English.

2. Driving on the highway, I come to realize that enormous changes have happened in china’s

highway system.

3. I can hardly believe that he was mastered to work a computer so quickly.

4. three years has passed, and the moment is coming, In lethan I weeks, I will come back to my


5. Many people I know well can’t wait to go abroad, but I prefer to stay in our own motherland with

my family.

Unit2 A 第35页

1. His life experience has always been playing an important role in his academic career.

2. The restaurant has recently extended its businehours.

3. I have just read an interesting book with a new approach to Shakespeare,

4. With the wide use of e-mail, the problem/issue of junk email has drawn much concern.

5. There are more limitation on communication and interaction between students and teachers in

traditional education than that in online education.

Unit2 B 第40页

1. Since it is obvious who is right and who is wrong, Jim has no intention to argue with him.

2. To my surprise, the chance meeting with Prof. Wilson later afforded me an opportunity to study

at his university as an exchange student.

3. Our school will extend the opening hours of library and classroom to meet students’ needs to the

utmost extent.

4. The development of information technique has had profound effect on all aspects of social life.

5. We have no doubt that he will certainly have a wonderful performance in this university-wide

English speech contest for his high-level English.

Unit3 A 第53页

1. Something is wrong with the piano, but I can’t put my finger on what it is.

2. Apart from being too large, the trousers don’t match my jacket, either.

3. I love pop music, for whatever reasons.

4. He has great interest in foreign culture, often browsing through piles of books to look for any

useful information.

5. Opinions on whether we should start a new society vary a great deal.

Unit 3 B 第58页

1. You can’t get to the island other than by boat.

2. Some students are crazy about pop music while others prefer classical music.

3. The media are playing a more and more important role in leading clothing fashions.

4. I tired every means to get a copy of his newly issued album.

5. Without the encouragement and help of my friends, I would have quit school.

Unit4 A 第73页

1. I have faxed my resume and a cover letter to that company, but I have not received a reply yet.

2. John will not hesitate for a second to offer help when others meet some trouble.

3. I have to admit that I am very much eager to work or study abroad for some time but I know it is

not easy to get a visa.

4. It was not until 2 years after he arrived in London that he found a job in an international bank.

5. After finishing his teaching. Tom traveled throughout China for 2 months before returning home

in America.

Unit 4 B 第79页

1.It was the first time for the freshmen to attend an American professor’s lecture, and they had

trouble understanding what he was talking about.

2.There are still 10 minutes left, but now that you have finished your test paper, you can hand it

in now.

3.It took them nearly 3 months before they made their final decisions without hurting anyone’s


4.It is appropriate for Chinese college students to learn at least one foreign language before they graduate so that they can keep up with the world’s advanced science and technology.

5.Mr. Smith was a diligent film director and at the same time he was a responsible father.

Unit5 A 第93页

1. The audience must have missed their musical performance, or they would have spoken highly of


2. Somehow she could sense her mother's deep concern though she was far away from home.

3. The operator had to spend two hours or so on her way from her home to her workplace every


4. He appreciated her sympathy and understanding, which meant to him during that time.

5. She finally arrived at a telephone booth and put in the coins before dialing Paris.

Unit 5 B 第99页

1. The better you can use a computer, the more likely you are to find a job as secretary.

2. He likes to share information with his colleagues by E-mail rather than by telephone.

3. For Americans, it is hard to imagine living in a place where there are no cars.

4. They came to the conclusion that it’ll be cheaper in the long run to use genuine leather because

it will last longer.

5. These days he has been involved in seeking out effective websites.

Unit6 A 第113页

1. Little did I know that things would turn out like that.

2. He wasn't keen on buying a car, but I talked him into it.

3. Being a volunteer in the 2016 Beijing Olympic Games would be an once-in-a-lifetime experience

for me.

4. Cigarette smoking is a major factor contributing to lung cancer.

5. The two universities will unit to stage on art show next month.

Unit 6 B 第118页

1.Beijing will host the 29th Summer Olympic Games in the year 2016.

2.Plenty of fresh air contributes to good health.

3.No matter what happened, he would not say a word.

4.I learned from her that you undertook another important job as well.

5.I long to have the opportunity of participate in the 2016 Beijing volunteer activities.

Unit7 A 第131页

1. This trade negotiation is greatly successful, which can be uniquely beneficial to both parties.

2. Our classmates have been involved in the activities organized by the Student Union, one way or


3. It’s one of the most desirable jobs available to a person who has no higher education.

4. To do research can spur the independent thinking and effective learning of undergraduate


5. Every year the tuition continuously rises, which has considered a heavy burden on students from

poverty-stricken families.

Unit 7 B 第137页

1.The new ear requires the laborer to be creative rather than loyal to the employer.

2.This shipping corporation, built up from nothing, has bloomed into a major enterprise in the

shipping industry.

3.Haier’s succelies in its management system that has been admired and emulated through

the world.

4.This joint venture has established this year’s goal of increasing its sales by 50%.

5.I have made several attempts to give up smoking, but it’s very difficult to get rid of it for good.

Unit8 A 第151页

1.Robert Burns compared his beloved girl to a rose in his poem.

2. No matter how busy you are, you should try to find some time to take part in the clareunion.

3. After her divorce she needed a shoulder to cry on.

4. After he had been away from school for twenty years he could barely recognize his former


5. There’s nothing that can replace the friendship between intimate friends.

Unit 8 B 第157页

1.Before Valentine’s Day, he ordered a bunch of roses in advance for his sweetheart from the


2.After her husband passed away, she could not endure living in lonelineand solitude.

3.Should I ever find out her address, I will forward it to you promptly.

4.In case you want to cheer her up, you’d better bring some chocolates with you.

5.This is a very interesting romantic novel, which is sure to provoke your interest.

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^_^社保二班——英语三级(课后翻译)Unit 1

Translation( P.21 )

1).我们的计算机系统出了毛病,但我觉得问题比较小 (minor) We have a problem with the computer system, but I think it is fairly minor.

2).父亲去世时我还小,不能独立生活。就在那时,家乡的父老乡亲接过了养育我(my upbringing)的责任(at that point) My father died when I was too young to live on my own.The people of my hometown took over responsibility for my upbringing at that point.

3).这些玩具必须得在达到严格的安全要求后才可以出售给儿童 (requirement) The toys have to meet strict safety requirements before they can be sold to children.


(supplement, rather than) Radio and television have supplemented rather than replaced the newspaper as carriers of new and opinion.

5).至于这本杂志,它刊载了世界各地许多报纸杂志上文章的摘要 (digest, when it comes to...) When it comes to this magazine, it is a digest of articles from many newspapers and magazines around the world.

Unit 2

Translation( P.51)

1). 虽然受到全球金融危机后果的巨大影响,但是我们仍然相信我们能够面对挑战,克服危机。(confident) Though greatly affected by the consequences of the global financial crisis, we are still confident that we can face up to the challenge and overcome the crisis.

2). 在持续不断的沙尘暴的威胁下,我们被迫离开我们喜爱的村庄,搬迁到新的地方(threat, compel, settlement) Under threat of constant sand storms, we were compelled to leave our cherished village and move to the new settlement.

3). 根据最近的网上调查,许多消费者说他们也许会有兴趣考虑购买电视广告中播放的产品 (motivate) According to a recent online survey, a lot of consumers say they may be motivated to consider buying products shown in TV commercials.

4). 看到卡车司机把污染的废弃物(contaminated waste)倒在河边,老人马上向警方报告 (spot, alongside)Having spotted a truck driver dumping contaminated waste alongside the river, the old man reported to the police at once.

5). 一些科学家坚信人们总有一天会喜欢转基因农作物(genetically modified crops)的,因为它们能够提高产量,帮助发展中国家战胜饥荒和疾病(conviction, come to)

Some scientists hold to the firm conviction that people will come to like genetically modified crops someday since they can increase yields and help combat hunger and disease in the developing world.

Unit 3

Translation( P.78 )

1).无论是在农村还是城市,因特网正在改变人们的生活方式 (urban, rural) The Internet is changing the way people live, no matter whether they are in urban or rural areas.

2).和大公司相比,中小公司更容易受到全球经济危机的威胁(medium, vulnerable) Medium-sized and small companies are more vulnerable to the threat of the global economic crisis than large ones.

3).关于期末论文,教授要求我们先分析失业图表,然后对国家的经济发展提供批评性的见解 (analyze, chart, reflection) With regard to our term papers, the professor asked us to analyze the chart of unemployment first, and then provide critical reflections on the nation’s economic development.

4).她从来也没有想到他们队会以大比分赢得那场篮球赛 (by a large margin, it occurs to ...) It never occurred to him that their team would win the basketball match by a large margin.

5).回顾二十年的中学教学,我把我的成功归结为耐心,才能和不断对知识的不断追求 (look back on) Looking back on my twenty years’ teaching in high school, I attributed my succeto patience, talent, and the constant pursuit of knowledge.

Unit 4

Translation (P.109)

1). 红十字会派遣的志愿人员非常小心地对村里的饮用水进行了消毒(disinfect), 以免爆发瘟疫(outbreak caution) The volunteers sent by the Red Crodisinfected , with great caution, the drinking water in the village so as to avoid an outbreak of plague

2). 爱因斯坦用了多年时间试图把电磁学理论和引力理论结合起来,但是没有成功(unify) Einstein spent many years trying to unify the theories of electromagnetism and gravity but failed.

3). 因其在激发学生创造性想象力方面出色表现,王教授获得了校长奖(stimulate,imagination) Professor Wang received / won the Presidential Award fro his excellence in stimulating students’ creative imagination.

4). 因存在一些设计上(design)重大缺陷,董事会没有同意那个经济刺激计划。

(approve of, flaw) As there were some major design flaws, the board of directors didn’t approve of the economic stimulus package.

5). 乔丹意识到没人能给他帮助,终于得出结论她必须面对现实,独自接受挑战

(come to a conclusion, reality) Having realized that nobody could help him, Jordan finally came to the conclusion that he had to

face reality and meet the challenge by himself.

Unit 5

Translation( P.154 )

1).奶奶想当然地认为粮价要上涨,所以买了许多大米(take sth. for granted) Grandma took it for granted that food prices would soar, so she bought a lot of rice.

2).我可以给你引用几个例子来会说明她献身科学的精神 (quote, instance) I can quote you several instances of her dedication to science.

3).20世纪80年代中国一些经济特区(Zone)开始迅速发展起来 (see,swift) The 1980s saw the start of the swift development of some special economic zones in China.

4).两国关系的紧张部分是由于最近的间谍事件(spy affair)引起的 (in part) Tension between the two countries stemmed in part from the latest spy affair.

5).彼得已在一家律师事务(law firm)所当了多年律师。你可请他做你的律师,当你需要法律与援助时,由他代你行事(on sb.’behalf) Peter has worked in a law firm for many years. You can consider having him as your lawyer to act on your behalf when you need legal help.

Unit 6

Translation (P.182)

1).这座红房子在参加古树的映衬下十分夺目 (stand out) The red house stands out against the old trees that reach high up to the sky.

2).我的新工作薪酬很高,但是在其他方面我并不满意 (for the rest) The salary in/for my new job is great, but for the rest, I’m not satisfied.

3).两条溪流的水在我们村子附近汇合了 (mingle) The waters of the two streams mingle near our village.

4).我们不应该嘲笑别人的宗教信仰 (mock) We should not mock at other people’s religious beliefs.

5).这间房间的窗帘同家具的风格不太协调(in tune) The curtains of the room are not quite in tune with the style of the furniture.

Unit 7

Translation( P.211)

1). 昨天半夜我听见脚步声在过道里回荡,心里害怕极了。(echo) I grew terribly scared when I heard sound of footsteps echoing round the hallway at midnight yesterday.

2).这些名牌(name-brand)运动鞋保穿12个月(guarantee) The name-brand sports shoes are guaranteed for 12 months.

3).雪暴使交通运输陷入了混乱 (disorder) Snowstorms threw communications and transportation into disorder.

4).我最近工作压力很大,我想去海边度假。( feel like sth./doing sth.) I’ve been suffering a lot of strefrom work lately. I feel like taking a vacation at the seaside.

5).住公寓不错,但有其局限—比如说没有中自家花园(limitation) Living in an apartment is all right, but it has its limitations---for example, you don’t have your own garden.

Unit 8

Translation( P.243)

1). 医学专家就克隆人是否应被允许以及对社会有何潜在影响展开了辩论 (clone, potential) Medical experts debated whether the cloning of human should be permitted and what it's potential effect on society might be.

2). 当地百分之八十五的人拥有全职工作,只有百分之三的人称自己没有工作(full-time) 85% of the people in the local area are in full-time employment,only 3% describe themselves as unemployed.

3). 我国相关部门将加快立法,保护农民工(migrant worker)的权利 (legislation) The departments concerned in China will speed up legislation to protect rights of migrant workers.

4). 近年来一些心理专家试图从生物学的观点解释智力(standpoint) In recent years some psychologists have tried to explain intelligence from a biological stand point.

5). 世界金融危机对该国的出口工业产生了巨大的影响。在仅仅六个月的时间里,许多工厂迫于形势而关门歇业 (no more than, by necessity) The global financial crisis has had a huge impact on that country 's export industry.In no more than six months,many factories have closed down by necessity

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