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优质.创新.热情 Quality. Innovation. Passion 服务九最 Nine Requirements for Staff Members 最少等候时间 Shortest possible waiting time 最好服务态度 Best service attitude

最佳问题解决 Finest solutions

最快疑问解答 Quickest replies

最短作业流程 Most efficient Processes 最简表格文件 Simplest forms

最浅文字说明 Easiest wording

最美肢体语言 Prettiest body language 最甜声音微笑 Sweetest voices and smiles 十大日勉 Ten Daily Principles

肚量大一点 More Generosity

嘴巴甜一点 More Tact

行动快一点 Quick Action

效率高一点 Higher Efficiency

脑筋活一点 Think Smart

理由少一点 LeExcuse

做事多一点 More Done

脾气小一点 LeTemper

说话轻一点 Speak Gently

微笑露一点 Smile More

3S精神 Our 3S Service

微笑 Smile

赶快办 Speed

令伊满意 Satisfaction

3C方案 Our 3C Programs

关怀 Care

便民 Convenience

沟通 Communication

预约到厂服务免请假 Workplace services do save your time

到府服务体贴您的心 Home service touches your heart

新式身分证,防伪有保障 New-type ID Card your safeguard

感动从第一次接触开始 Affections Begin from the first touch

本所提供群众档案应用服务 Our office offers inter-party file usage service 城市让生活更美好 Better City, Better Life.

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Water is life, value every drop!


One drop of water, one piece of lawn, one earth.


Save water today, save tears tomorrow!


Water seems limitless, but is it?


Cherish water’s many blessings!


Be thankful for every drop of water!


Saving water is good karma.


We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. Save Water!


Saving water is a gentleman’s mission!


Don’t act mean – Be Green!


Eat green and be healthy!


Save food, save earth!


Order properly and use a doggy bag. We would store your liquor for you.


Green hotel, green food, green life.

提供绿色服务,倡导绿色消费,坚持绿色,支持绿色产业。 Live Green, Love Green, Think Green.

选择绿色消费,尽享健康人生。 Go green, go healthy.

倡导绿色消费理念,创建绿色帝豪酒店。 Go green, the Royal!

节约从细节开始,从你我开始。 Save small and save now!

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1、 只有客户想不到的,没有我们做不到的

Only customers can not think of, there is no we can not do

2、 客户满意是检验我们工作的唯一标准

Customer satisfaction is the only standard to test our work

3、 优质服务是生命,企业满意是目的 Quality service is life, enterprise satisfaction is the


4、 追求品质卓越,尽显企业精华

The pursuit of quality excellence, all show the essence of the enterprise

5、 顾客是我们的上帝,品质是上帝的要求

The customer is our God, the quality is God's request

6、 关注你所专注,放心你所用心

Focus on what you focus on, rest assured that your intentions

7、 我们愿与您携手共进,共享辉煌

we would like to work together with you, sharing brilliant



Hand in hand to win,Let the rest of the world at ease to drink to our equipment production of beverages


To enhance the value of quality,Become China's most trusted food machinery enterprises ·瑞典有利乐,中国有铭人

A Tetra Pak in Sweden,A Ming people in China



1、 复杂的事情简单化,简单的事情重复化

Complex things simple,Simple things repeat

2、 计划是时间的最好保障,时间是效率的坚实基础,效率是行动的优化大师,行动是成功


Plan is the best guarantee of time,Time is the solid foundation of efficiency,Efficiency is the action of the optimization of the master,Action is the only way to success.

3、 创造更先进、更安全、更智能、更简单、更高速的食品包装设备

To create a more advanced, more secure, more intelligent, more simple, more high-speed food packaging equipment

4、 为企业多做一点,为客户多想一点

For enterprises to do a little more for customers to think a little more

5、 因机械而生,为制造而活

Born to machine, to make a living

6、 把生命注入到产品中去,产品就会在市场上活起来

To inject life into the product, the product will live in the market

7、 环境不会改变,解决之道在于改变自己

The environment will not change, the solution is to change their own

8、 人的能力是有限的,人的努力是无限的

Man's power is limited, and man's effort is limitless

9、 优秀的职员:忠于公司,忠于职业,忠于人格

Excellent staff: loyal to the company, to the professional, loyal to the personality

10、 创造变化,并带来绩效突破性地提高

Create change, and bring about a breakthrough in performance

11、 小企业做事,大企业做人

Do small businesses, large enterprise as a person





1、 培训员工是企业成功最好的捷径

Training staff is the best shortcut to businesuccess

2、 唯才是命,爱才之德,识才之能,用才之长

Only personnel is life,Love personnel virtue,Ability to identify personnel,Strengths of the use of personnel

3、 只有步入国际标准的轨道,才有无限延伸的空间

Only into the international standard track,In order to have unlimited extension of the space

4、 建有质量文化的质量体系,创造有魅力、有灵魂的质量。

Build quality system of quality culture,To create attractive and soul quality

5、 品质第一,客户至上;相辅相成,共创繁荣

Quality first,Customer first,Complement each other,Create prosperity in future

6、 成功决不容易,还要加倍努力!

Succeis never easy,Also need to redouble their efforts

7、 经营客户,加大回访,用心专业,客户至上!

Management customers,Enlarge return visit,Intentions profession,Customer first

8、 多见一个客户就多一个机会!

See more of a customer, just one more chance

9、 每一个成功者都有一个开始。勇于开始,才能找到成功的路

Every successful person has a beginning. Be brave to start,to find the way to success.

10、 以诚感人者,人亦诚而应

Sincere and moving person,People also use sincere corresponding to him

11、 只有不完美的产品,没有挑剔的顾客

Only not perfect products,no captious customers

12、 心有多大,舞台就有多大

The heart has how old, How big is the stage



1、 每一件产品,都要我们用心制造出来

Each product,All want us to make it by heart.

2、 事情无论大小,要干就干最好

Thing Matter size,To do is to do the best

3、 您的生活质量取决于您的工作质量

Your quality of life depends on the quality of your work

4、 爱惜原料一点一滴,讲究质量一丝一缕

To cherish raw materials bit by bit,Pay attention to quality a silk a wisp

5、 勇于面对问题,致力解决问题

Brave to face the problem,Committed to solving problems

6、 不制造不合格产品,不交付不合格产品

Do not produce substandard products,Do not deliver substandard products

7、 后道工序是前道工序的检验

The after proceis the inspection of the former working procedure.

8、 严谨思考,严密操作;严格检查,严肃验证

Rigorous thinking,Rigor operation,Strict examination,Serious verification

9、 时时寻求效率进步,事事讲究方法技术

Seek efficiency and progreall the time.,Everything pay attention to Methods and techniques

10、 预防保养按时做,生产顺畅不会错

Preventive maintenance on time,Smooth production will not be wrong

11、 一线工人请注意,品质效率在于你

Frontline workers please note,Quality efficiency lies in you

12、 生产没有质量的产品,等于制造无用的垃圾

Production of no quality products,Be equal to make uselegarbage

13、 宁愿事前检查,不可事后返工

Would rather check in advance,Do not rework after the event

14、 做无差错能手,向零缺陷迈进

To be a good hand without error,Move towards zero defect

15、 不收不良品 不做不良品 不出不良品

Don't accept defective products,Don’t make defective products,Don’t flow out of defective products

16、 不良品的出现是技术问题 不良品的流出是管理问题

The emergence of defective products is a technical problem,The outflow of defective products is a management problem

17、 来料检验照标准 交期品质自然稳

Incoming Quality Control according to the standard,Nature has strong quality of delivery cycle

18、 必需品分区放置,明确标识,方便取用

Necessity partition placement,To make clear identification,Convenient take